What have I learnt from this short Angel/Devil costumes serie. First that it seems easy to reproduce these costumes yourself. If you have red and white clothes, white or red top, red or white pants then you can combine it and you would just need few accessories to complete your look.

If you need accessories, the post before that is for wigs, but I posted during the devils costumes series what’s needed to do the cheapest devil costume.  With this you would just need a white gown.

Don’t forget make up too, you can accentuate this with half of your face red, and half white.

But that’s not the sad part of this. I’ve been able to see many costumes. And after researching devils and devils/angels costumes, I obviously saw some angels only costumes. Guess what ? THERE ARE NO ANGEL COSTUMES FOR MEN !

Even not half angel. My conclusion is, some women are evil, some are half evil and half angel, some are completely angels. Men are only evil*.

(except myself :)).


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