displays cool costumes available online. The purpose is to guide people to online costume stores and find the best prices. Of course, at the time an article is written, there is no possibility to know if a product is going to be cheaper in a close or far future.

But each time, prices are check on many sotres to ensure the cheapest price is found. Generally, a picture of a costume is displayed and link to the product page, at the cheaper price. Also, I add the other stores link if they are selling it too, for availability or size reasons.

The other purpose of is to give people a lot of ideas to create their own costumes. Yes, some costumes are great and are professionally made, but maybe you would try to do it yourself. There are some very easy to make costumes. If you have old clothes or if you can find really cheap clothes in physical stores, thenyou should be able to make your own.

In a near future will propose tutorials to let you see how you can make your own outfits, and some original and creative ideas.

For now I hope that you appreciate this website, based on a blog platform (WordPress) that allows quick updates and keep me in touch with you.

Thanks for visiting Cool Costumes.



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