Funny, and Bad Guy at the same time, no other character combines these two “specifications” as well as The Joker. Once played by Jack Nicholson in Tim Burton movie (the first one), and recently Heath Ledger, in Christopher Nolan “The Dark Knight“, who tragically died few months ago.

There will certainly be many people who will want to wear the Batman costume, so maybe we will need some fun. Here are some outfits of the best/worst ennemy of Batman :

Grand Heritage The Joker Costume (Adult)

The Joker Grand Heritage costume

This is the best Joker costume you will find currently, it’s quite expensive, the cheapest is about $145 at Costume Discounters. You can also find it at BuyCostumes. Currently it’s out of stock, because it’s… not in stock, many of the new costumes for this new season are not available. But don’t hesistate to preorder one, you will be sure to get it in time.

You can of course see all the other Joker standard and deluxe costumes, for child, teens and adults at :
Buy Costumes
Costume Craze
Costume Discounters

Also, what do you think of these masks ?

Batman Dark Knight Adult Joker Latex Mask with Hair Batman Dark Knight Adult Joker Foam Latex Mask


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