Hey you all creatures of the world, are you ready to transform yourself with some Halloween fashion? You already have your costumes? Don’t delay it’s coming fast now, in about a week you’ll have to be ready. Today I have something fantastic to show you, especially women.

Did you ever thought of wearing a designer dress for Halloween? Well for sure it’s not a typical costume and the budget can be different of what you are used to see. So for those ladies interested in something super classy, here are some Halloween inspired designer dresses.

I’ve made a little selection but I encourage you to see the whole collection of Halloween dresses for more styles.

Strapless Sequins Dress – Sherri Hill Black Off the Shoulder Cocktail
eDressMe Private Collection Strapless Sequins Dresses Sherri Hill Black Off the Shoulder Cocktail

The sequins dress is available in more colors, red, white, gold, silver and hot pink. The right dress by Sherri Hill is just fabulous. I can clearly imagine this as a Lady Gaga style or gothic with the appropriate makeup.

Black and White Flapper Dress – Sue Wong Modern Flapper Cocktail
eDressMe Private Collection Black and White Flapper Dresses Sue Wong Modern Flapper Cocktail

Here above two styles of flapper dresses. There are many more colors available for the costumes on the left, but black and white is the one I like the most 😉

Jovani Gorgeous White Evening Gown – Sherri Hill Classic Dots Mini Dress
Jovani Gorgeous White Evening Gowns Sherri Hill Classic Dots Mini Dresses

Wow! Recently I published a top 15 Cleopatra costumes and the evening gown you see on the right is a Cleoptra inspired dress. It could really have been part of this top 15. Simply gorgeous. On the right is a sweet and stylish 60’s mini dress for some fun on the dance floor.

These costumes… oops, these alternative costumes for Halloween are from one of the greatest dress website out there: eDressMe. There are really tons of styles and just for Halloween they have a promo on these awesome styles.

Now, you want to be gorgeous and save 15%? Then click here and enter spook15 at checkout to save 15% on your designer Halloween dress!

You’ll even get a free mask!

This promo is valid until November 1st so don’t delay!

Update: For those interested, I’ve seen they also have a 20% off sale on coats. Use coupon code coats10)

(I’m still amazed by this white Cleopatra dress)


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