Hey boys and girls, ladies and gents, it’s been a while I didn’t update my blog but it’s that time of the year again. Halloween is at the end of October, that’s… this month! And you still haven’t find your costume? If you did but still want to know how to save for future purchase (smart), then read on. You’re going to learn how to find the hottest, most awesome and gorgeous and sexy and well so cool costumes on sale at prices you’d never thought possible. Upto 80% off… sounds fair?

You want to be part of those people that get compliments at the party. But it seems impossible or at least very difficult to grab that really cool costume for Haloween’s Eve. No More Worries! I’ve done my homework and you’re going to see the best styles, and the best prices.

It’s not your fault if you didn’t find that perfect costume for you. The choice you have in local stores is not always as wide as you would like. You may also have to find the right size for you so it fits right. Online, it’s quite hard to know if a costume will fit since you can not try it on. Well you’re right, but reviews can help.

Customer Reviews Give You Good Indications

That’s Right! On BuyCostumes you can search the largest costumes collection out there and read customers reviews, so you know exactly what others who purchased think about it. If a costume fits tight, then you know you should get a larger one. And actually, it’s often the case, so if you don’t have much indications… get one size larger.

Now I know, you don’t want a costume that looks crap. Who does ? You want to look gorgeous and better than anyone, even your best friends, you certainly will enjoy to hear these 2 words “You Rock!“.

Insane Discount – Awesome Costume

I would also think the best cool costumes are expensive, I’m talking about Elite or Ultimate costumes, but it’s not always the case and you can also take advantage of sales, coupon codes or special promo. I’ve recently seen a sexy woman costume that is 80% off. It was something around $100 and now around $20 (I’ll have to check what it was).

Update: the costume I mentioned above is the French Kiss Lady of Spain Adult Costume and still available at this time at $24.99, it was $90.99 so it’s more like 72% off. Still great! From the reviews it fits very small, so take one or even 2 sizes above your normal fit, just look at it, this is a really cool costume.

Some other promos are very attractive and you should really pay attention to those, especially if you need a costume for 2 or more persons. You can often buy one and get a second one half price or discounted. Also orders over a certain amount ship free, it’s always advertised on the store site.

Okay so here are few concrete examples, at this time you can check out costumes on sale under $10, under $20, under $30.

Here are one style for girls and one for women. Both are $9.99! (click images for details)

Leopard Diva Child Costume Sexy Prosecuter Adult Costume

Check their Sale page to find costumes on sale listed by categories upto 80% off. The Avatar Neytiri Adult Costume is 50% off ($37 now), and this is certainly a super hot and popular one to wear!

The Greatest Deals

To get only the greatest discount, here’s what you need to do.

  1. Click here to reach the SALE page
  2. You can scroll down to see more sale choice, or just look at the left menu.
  3. Costumes On Sale

  4. Let’s click on the Clearance Adult Costumes link (but you can also see you can refine for sale items by other categories, Clearance being the one with the most discounted products).

And woo! Tons of awesome deals you can’t miss. Tons of sexy costumes, but there are more to see, currently about 400 costumes on sale and that’s only the adult styles. There are 400 more for kids! And many discounted products in party supplies too, decorations, costume accessories, categories!

Of course these are not always the new costumes from this years blockbuster movies but actually, you don’t really care, these are still brand new costumes on sale. These are not even always the best ones and if you want to be sure to stand out and be different, the ideal choice is to get a costume that is not from an insanely popular movie.

I’ve just shown you the page to find the coolest costume at the best price. I hope you will take advantage of these great offers. But don’t delay, Halloween is coming!


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