Let’s go on with asian costumes but this time, in a more actual fashion : J-Pop, or Japan Pop Music. This cool costume is labelled Tokyo Pop Princess. Jpop, Jrock and Visual Kei are not only music style, they also have created a fashion style, very complex and sophisticated.

I’m currently peparing future posts about Cosplay, which also took its origin in Japan. A little patience until then, you will see some of the coolest costumes ever designed.

Tokyo Pop Princess

Adult costume at HalloweenMart

Teen size costume on sale at Celebrate Express.

Teen size at Import Costumes.


J-Pop Costume – Tokyo Pop Princess — 1 Comment

  1. I’ve always had a facination and admiration for Japanese styles, especially the clothing. The Pop Princess depicted above is very sexy looking. Are these lines selling in the USA yet? Looking forward to your next post.

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