Hey everyone, recently I just posted about the Spring Sale at Buy Costumes (25% off), saying that you may want to shop for Halloween costumes now and be ready when your Halloween party comes.

Speaking about party today, I thought about supplies, and Buy Costumes have a lot of party supplies of any kind. But it’s been a long time that I didn’t mention Celebrate Express which is a really great store for costumes, and for party supplies, party themes and everything to make a great party.

So if you have kids, or if you deal with kids of others and want to plan a party, Celebrate Express even have some party planning ideas, but have more than 150 party themes you can choose from. Almost each comes in a basic, deluxe, ultimate or extreme party pack depending on what you want to organize.

American Idol, Pokemon, Horse Power, Hannah Montana, Power Rangers, and many others, for a first birthday party, or a family party. You would of course find adult party themes if you want.

Also, and that’s worth saying it, you can get free shipping for orders of $50 or more with the coupon¬†code OJC-863, this promotion ends April 30.

Visit Celebrate Express.

Ultimate Pokémon Party Pack Ultimate American Idol Party Pack

Extreme Hannah Montana Party Pack


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