Okay, you may not have think about it, but Halloween is in 10 days from now. Don’t worry, you can still have your costume delivered to you, but the faster you order the better. Now this post is for kids, but adults who want to celebrate may have forget to order their costume too, and all of the costumes you’ll see below are available for adults too. So first, one question : do you know what you want to be ?

You could ask to some friends what’s a good idea to be for Halloween, but if you don’t like their answers you may still be stuck. If you’re going to celebrate with friends, maybe a group costume could be cool. Also you can also stick with the basics that still work and still rock and will always do. Halloween is supposed to be spooky, scary… So go for these creatures, their gothic/horror look is perfect. If you can add some makeup it’s even better.

So what creatures or character are we talking about ? Well, vampires, witches, ghosts, monsters, zombies, devils…

Monster Bride -Black Raven Witch – Broken Doll

Monster Bride - white Black Raven Witch Broken Doll

Crypt Master – Zombie Lab Tech – Black Twisted Jester

Crypt Master Zombie Lab Tech Black Twisted Jester

Now if you don’t want to be on the darkest side, you may want to be someone with powers too, but with some good intentions, like super heroes :

Supergirl Child – Deluxe Wonder Woman Child – Deluxe Batgirl Child

Supergirl Child Deluxe Wonderwoman Child Deluxe Batgirl Child

Transformers Bumblebee – Iron Man – Dark Knight Batman

Deluxe Transformers Bumblebee Child Iron Man Movie Quality Muscle costume Dark Knight Batman Muscle Chest child costume

Finally, what are your influences ? A dancer, a princess, a gangster, a gladiator ? What about some movie characters ? Indiana Jones any Star Wars character, or a pirate !

High School Musical Sharpay – Punky Pirate Child – Golden Girl Princess Dress Child
Deluxe Sharpay High School Musical Punky Pirate Child Golden Girl Princess Dress

Indiana Jones – Gladiator – The Clone Wars Leader Rex
Indiana Jones Gladiator Child Star Wars Leader Rex - The Clone Wars

Costume Discounters have the best prices, and Celebrate Express is a great costume store for kids. Just 2 last suggestions that I truely think rock :

Metallic Copper Fairy Child – Psychopath costume
Metallic Copper Fairy Psychopath costume


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