Hey, this post is about the Little Bo Peep costume, the very cute and nice shepherd we all know. Not really the Halloween way you may say. I had an idea for Halloween that’d be to completely take the opposite way. The nice and sweet side of things compared to all the dark creatures that will invade the streets. It may even get you more candies when you go trick or treating!

NOTE : So I have browsed some of the most costume stores and decided to put almost all styles, at least the best ones. Also when you click the picture of each costume, you will reach the costume store that has the best price (at the time I’m writing this) for that particular costume. So you are sure to get the greatest deal for your money.

Okay let’s start right now, here’s first the Little Bo Peep costumes for girls:

Toy Story Little Bo Peep Costume
I find these two costumes very similar in how they are designed, the colors blue and pink and the skirt with hearts print share the same idea. The left costume is the official licensed Disney Toy Story Little Bo Peep costume. Click the pic to get it at the best price at CostumeDiscounters. Alternatively you can check this link at BuyCostumes. Don’t you find the one on the right great too? This is a toddler costume, babies sizes available too. The cutest one?

Let’s see some more styles!

Little Bo Peep Child Costume
Aren’t these two kids Little Bo Peep costume cute? Blue and pink are always the favorite color for this costume and this is a very nice represetation. A choice has to be made though! The blue costume on the left is the child size costume, but you can also get it for toddlers.

2 More toddlers Littler Bo Peep Costume styles:
Lil' Bo Peep Toddler Costume

Oh my god! The left costume is just adorable, lovely, cute and well your daughter is going to look fabulous. It’s a great toddler AND child costume, while the right one is for toddlers only. Click the pic to see some close-up details.

Little Bo Peep Tween Costume Bratz Storybook Sweethearts Bratty Bo Peep Child Costume

Hmmm, seems Bo Peep is finally ready for Halloween. This black and pink costume keeps the sweet shepherd look with the dark style of Halloween. This is a tween costume. On the right, for grls who want to stay in the blue mood, this is a very cute Little Bo Peep outfit to wear.

Now it’s time to see the adult Little Bo Peep costume for women. I have to warn you, these are all sexy styles, and I like that! You can look gorgeous with any of the following costumes so get ready for some hot shepherd fashion 😉

Sexy Little Bo Peep Adult Costume Sexy Little Bo Peep Adult Costume
These are two super sexy and cute Little Bo Peep costumes for women. Choose between pink or blue, but be sure you will turn heads for sure. Also the, blue one is available in Plus size.

Woo, isn’t starting t getting a lot hotter now? Will you be able to choose between the white and black costume. This sexy black and pink Little Bo Peep costume is from CostumeCraze (click the pic), and it’s only $28.99, check it at BuyCostumes where the price is double that!

Let’s move on and see what’s next…

Little Bo Peep Adult Costume
A very nice representation of Little Bo Peep. Again, blue and pink fighting for the coolest color. What’s your favorite?

Mistress Peep Adult Costume

Few ideas come to my mind when I look at the two above costumes. I actually think you could really go into dark Halloween style with these. They are not bright blue or pink and have either some grey or black and white. This tells me : GOTHIC. With some make up you can paint your face very pale, kind of ghost or dead, add some black lipstick, and maybe some fake blood if you feel really dark. Click each picture to see more details about these two costumes.

This last one is the Lil Bo Peep GT Costume Plus size. A cute and sexy pink dress for a sexy shepherd that will lead all the little lambs wherever she wants too.

This ends this selection of Little Bo Peep costume. I hope you enjoyed these styles and I’m pretty sure there are at least one that you would love to wear or see your little girl party with. Then don’t hesitate. This is a super cute choice for Halloween, you can be sure to be different and stand out from the crowd with any of these costumes!


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