This will be a big post dedicated to Medusa, a mermaid taken from the Greek / Roman mythology. Having a look to her would have you turned in stone. She has been her hairs transformed in snakes by Athena. She also has 2 sisters, but Medusa was the only mortal of the thre Gorgon. Anyway, that’s the end of our little ancient lesson, let’s go back to costumes !

I hope you’ll like this little serie of Medusa Costumes, specially for you ladies !

Medusa Serpent Monster Costume

The snake headpiece is just fabulous. This is my favorite Medusa costume, that’s why it’s first here in the list. But go on and tell me what’s your favorite ! You can see it at Costume Discounters…

… or at Buy Costumes.


Medusa Adult Plus Costume

This costume is a Plus size costume and I haven’t seen the standard size for this one. So anyway big girls, this one s for you ! (click picture to go to Costume Dscounters)

Medusa Adult Plus Costume

Or get it at Buy Costumes


Medusa The Mythical Siren Adult Costume

I really liked this one too. It gives the sensation of being a very light costume, elegant too. Definitively COOL!

Medusa The Mythical Siren Adult Costume

This way for Plus Size Medusa The Mythical Siren Costume

Or at Buy Costumes for standard and Plus size as well.

Sexy Medusa Snaked Again Costume

This is a sexy costume of Medusa. It’s… lighter than other, but still will have many look at you. It comes with a snake styled headpiece (of course) and has a funny name (Snaked again).
at Buy Costumes…

Medusa Snaked Again Adult Costume

Hey it’s slightly cheaper at Costume Discounters

Premier Mythical Medusa Adult Costume

This is a very clean and elegant dress that is this costume. A black dress with a bit of gold, and a headpiece full of snakes. At Costume Discounters…

Premier Mythical Medusa Adult Costume

…also available at Buy Costumes

Medusa Elite Adult Costume

This is the most sophisticated costume of the serie. This is an Elite costume, with a snake headpiece and a necklace to accompany the satin gown.

Medusa Elite Adult Costume

Buy Costumes have this one in standard and Plus size Costume.

Sexy Medusa Adult Costume

The last costume of our serie, is a sexy costume. It looks so nice, a very attractive costume that wil have men look at you and unfortunately turn to stones. Okay not really but sre you will have the look !

Sexy Medusa Adult Costume

This Medusa Costumes serie is now finished. So how did you like it ? What’s the one you prefer ? Medusa will be a great costume for Halloween. Oh, just for the ancient greek lesson… Medusa has been killed by Perseus who… beheaded her…


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