The devil costumes serie ended and I will give my list of favorite costumes. Share your opinion too !

For womens, you may already know it if you read the previous posts my favorite are the Premier Devil Lady Costume and Flaming Hot Devil (this is for short dress).

For long dress the best one for me is the Devil Princess costume. And this evening style devil dress is also a nice one.

For women again, the Devil Bride, it was the first of the serie. And if it was the first, it’s because I liked it a lot when I saw it. And I still like it. Of course there is THE sexy devil costume from Wicked Temptations, but I won’t argue why I like it.

For mens, the Pimp Devil costume. It’s funny, shiny, the hat with horns is a great accessory you may want to wear without the costume, just for fun.

For teens and child, there is the Devilicious Pink costume. Just because it’s not red, it’s like a softer version of an evil Devil. There are also the simple and cheap devil costumes, just for under $12 that are worth looking at. Great for a one time wear.

So what do you consider your favorite devil costumes ?


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