Recently I posted some reversible angel/devil and black/white witch costumes and today, this is about Bees and bugs. Again one sexy costume fully reversible to a bee or a bug look, depending on your mood.

Buggin Out Adult
Buggin Out Adult

There are many more bugs and bees adults costumes at Costume Discounters. You’ll fin some for kids too.


Reversible Bee and Bugs Costume ! — 3 Comments

  1. I see myself making a half-bug half-bee costume in the future 🙂 See my comments on the reversible devil/angel reversible costume

  2. I’ll keep the idea in mind for next year, but I may find something else I want. You never know what can happen in a year. We’ll see. Just an idea!

    Do you know this site:
    It has a lot of creativen and bizarre ideas submitted by readers. If you have an idea you’d like to share, send it in.

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