Hey here is a very nice group costume idea I think. Well these are funny for sure, but they are almost out of stock everywhere. The 4 South Park costumes were all available for teens and adults at Costume Discounters (check them here), but at the time I’m writing I see only Kenny, Cartman, and Kyle (no Stan) for adults that are available, all teens costumes are out of stock, it may change in the few days I don’t know.

Kenny, Cartman & Kyle adult costumes are also available at Buy Costumes, and masks too, they look lke that (see all here) :

South Park Kyle Adult Costume South Park Stan Mask South Park Kyle Mask

At Moon Costumes and Costume Craze, Cartman costumes for adults AND for teens are available, with Satan costume too ! (See South Park costumes at Moon Costumes and Costume Craze)


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