Well the Star Wars Costumes serie will really start today. This is maybe the movie that has the most costumes, so there will be many posts to come. I just wantes to tell you how it will go. As you may know, I often link to Buy Costumes, Costume Discounters, Costume Craze and Moon Costumes. There are other stores and they DO offer the Star Wars Costumes too. But I can’t visit them all, and with these 4 costumes stores you already get all the costumes you want.

I still encourage you to visit more to compare prices but it will be difficult to find better than what I’ll show you. So, for this serie, here is how things will be. Since Buy Costumes is the most popular and largest store, all images will link to them. But, you will also have links to the other stores if costumes are available there.

Also it happens sometimes that costumes are not available at buy Costumes, in that case I will only link to the stores that offer it. And there is another case, a costume may be out of stock at the different stores, but you may back order it or be notified when it becomes available.

These were just few more words for Star Wars costumes. The first costumes aer just minutes away, and remember that I will also post costumes that are not from StarWars too,, because not everyone wants a Star Wars costume for Halloween.


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