Movies costumes are always among the favorites of many of us. Super Heroes, coming from comics, have seen their popularity increasing even more now that we are seeing them one by one in theaters. Batman and Hulk recently came back again, and Iron Man was at the party too this year. More fun, Hancock is another superhero style who has many fans too, but there is no costume available. Don’t forget Spiderman, Superman, Wonderwoman, Fantastic 4…

Let’s start with Hulk, depending on the costume you want you may have to check Costume Discounters and Buy Costumes (for the largest choice) :

Adult Inflatable Costume (at Buy Costumes), Hulk Movie Value Muscle adult costume (at Costume Discounters)

The Incredible Hulk 2008 Movie Inflatable Adult Costume Hulk Movie Value Muscle Adult

Hulk Movie Quality Muscle Chest child costume (at Costume Discounters) :

Hulk Movie Quality Muscle Chest Child

See all Hulk costumes at Buy Costumes and Costume Discounters.

For Hulk addicts the Super Deluxe Costume is still available at Buy Costumes for $699 ($735 at Moon Costumes and… $1,299 at Import Costumes), and the Hulk mask :

Hulk Super Deluxe Adult Costume The Incredible Hulk 2008 Movie Deluxe Mask


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