Following my previous post on finding the best looking costume at the price, I’ve decided to post a little serie of top 10 costumes on sale. The first one is the Top 10 Women’s Costumes on Sale you should have a look to for upcoming Halloween. Choice has not been easy, but hopefully you will like this selection.

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10. Sexy Prosecuter Costume
Sexy Prosecuter Adult Costume

It was already featured in my previous post, but I had to put it there again. Though it’s very sexy it may look very classic, however the sale price is insane : $9.99! It was once $76.99 so it really deserves its place in the Top 10 Sexy Women’s Costumes On SALE!

9. Black Widow Costume
Black Widow Elite Collection Adult Costume
This is the longest costume on this list! But it still a sexy and elegant one. The Black Widow costume looks really great, a kind of dark princess with a vampire look. This costume was $159, now just $49.99!

8. Playboy Saucy Marie Costume

Playboy Saucy Marie Adult

Isn’t it a super cute and sexy Marie Antoinette costume version? Sure it is. Now the price is quite high, $149.99. BUT, the original price was $379.99, so that’s a 60% discount. Cool!

7. Captain America Sassy Prestige Costume
Captain America Sassy Prestige Adult Costume

If you’re into trouble, then Captain America will save you from the danger. Well this Captain America women’s costume is certainly beautiful with accessories included : wristbands, mask and boot covers (shield is not included). $70 off!

6. Fly Girl Costume
Fly Girl Adult Costume

I know I’ll plane with this sexy aviator anytime. Great brown costume with fur trim and belt. Was $69.99, only $19.99 now!

5. Bronco Buster Bettie Costume
Bronco Buster Bettie Adult Costume

This is a sexy cowgirl in a very complete pink costume that you can see. I don’t remember have seen many at the Saloon these days, so if some ladies would like to party with this hot outfit I’ll be very happy and I’m not alone I guess. This sexy women costume was $99.99 and now only $19.99. That’s 80% off, yeehaa!

4. Femme Feline Costume
Femme Feline Adult Costume

Grrr. This female tiger costume will make you wild or turn men wild when they see you enter the room in this outfit. You’ll be able to walk the feline way for under $30 instead of $70!

3. French Kiss Lady Of Spain Costume

French Kiss Lady of Spain Adult Costume

Can you feel how spicy hot this costume is? I mentioned it in my previous post about finding cool costumes on sale, be sure to get a larger size than your normal one (read the reviews). This one is over 72% off, which turns out to $24.99. Super sexy, let’s dance!

2. Boogie Baby Costume
Boogie Baby Adult Costume

That’s another perfect costume for dancing at any party. It has the ideal look for some 70’s disco costume and you have certainly noticed the flower cut-outs on the thigh. From $70 to under $30. Another sexy women’s costume on sale!

1. Nile Queen Costume
Nile Queen Adult Costume

Many egyptian costumes have been featured here. I remember a serie of posts I did on egyptian costumes for men and women, there were awesome styles sexy ones too. I’m not sure if this one was part of these but I really like that costume and made it number one. It’s super cute, sexy and just a great Queen look.

That’s it, the Top 10 Sexy Women’s Costumes On Sale just for you super ladies who want to spice a bit your Halloween party or just some fun the hot way. I hope you’ve enjoyed this selection and will have another top 10 ready soon.



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