Hey girls, looking for a great costume ? Here you will see the best ones. This is the Top 5 Girls Costumes, want to party for Halloween or any costume party ? You’re sure to look cool with one of the following. Let’s see these now !

#5 – Dark Angel Costume

Dark Angel Costume

Find this costume at Costume Discounters (picture), Celebrate Express, Import Costumes, Buy Costumes

#4 – Goth Rag Doll

Goth Rag Doll Costume

This is an exclusive costume from Celebrate Express.

#3 – Black Raven WitchGoth Maiden Witch

I’ve put the two names for this costume since it seems the same costume get two different name depending on the store.

Black Raven Witch Costume Goth Maiden Witch Costume

You’ll find it at Costume Discounters, Celebrate Express, Moon Costumes.

It also exists for adults ! See the adult Goth Maiden Witch at Celebrate Express, Moon Costumes, Import Costumes, Buy Costumes.

#2 – Metallic Copper Fairy

Metallic Copper Fairy costume

This Metallic Copper Fairy costume is really great. For child it is available at Costume Discounters. But it’s also available (or soon if back ordered) in pre-teen, teen and adult sizes at Import Costumes, Buy Costumes

#1 Best Girls CostumeMonster Bride

Best Girls Costume

It ‘s now a very popular costume and may be sold out a bit everywhere. However many people are still looking for it, so you will have the links to directly check if you can get it fast now by pre ordering/back ordering it. The black/green costume was the first released, and a new white version is now available.

Monster Bride costume Monster Bride White Costume

Monster Bride Black/Green costume at :
Costume Discounters, Import Costumes, Buy Costumes, Costume Craze.

Monster Bride White costume at :
Costume Discounters, Import Costumes, Buy Costumes, Costume Craze.

It’s also now available for adults !
Buy Costumes

This is the end of this Top 5. Girls, I hope you liked these super cool costumes.


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