Hey men, this post is just for you, but you can show it to anyone actually. This is the Top 5 Mens Costumes on sale list that you all want to see I’m sure. After the Top 10 sexy women’s costumes on sale it is natural men have their post. It’s no the last top costumes post of the serie, kids will have their own too!

So without any more blabla, the Top 5 Men’s Costumes On Sale is just below:

5. Michael Jackson Thriller Costume
Michael Jackson Thriller Adult Costume

The King of Pop left millions of fans in tears but still tons of music hits so he’ll never be forgotten. If you want to celebrate Halloween with a Thriller costume then this one is just $

4. Terminator 4 T600 Costume
Terminator 4 T600 Adult Costume

Well, though the costume above is an official Terminator 4 costume, you can embody any Terminator you wish! A robot under human skin perfectly represented with the mask included. And at only $, that’s an awesome deal!

3. Wolverine Origins Classic Costume
Wolverine Origins Classic Adult Costume

Wolverine is one great hero from the Marvel comics and there has been numerous costumes since the X-Men movies were released. This one is the Wolverine Origins Classic costume, at only $.

2. Chesty The Marines Bulldog Adult Costume
Chesty The Marines Bulldog Adult Costume

I think we always need some fun, and this Bulldog costume is awesome! This is more than just a Bulldog costume, it’s Chesty The Marines Bulldog. So pump up your muscles and start a bootcamp for just $30 instead of $91.

1. Maniacal Mime Costume
Maniacal Mime Adult Costume

Hey Halloween is coming very soon now so there must be a creepy costume at the number one of this Top 5 Mens Costumes On Sale position. This one is super scary, it looks very simple but this is really what is spooky about it. I think it can be very impressive and scary if you can play the Maniacal Mime role. don’t forget to add some makeup and your friends are going to know what fear means!

Hope this Top 5 list was cool for you to look at as much as it was for me to compose it. These men’s costumes on sale really have great prices and you can save some dollars for candies, or hot dogs, or beers or… sorry. Have a great day, and happy Halloween!


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