The best of sexy costumes is here, and it’s specially made for ladies. Sexy lady, want something that put all eyes on you ? Or just want to play some funny sexy games ? There are hundreds of possibilities, but these five are the TOP 5 Sexiest Costumes of Cool Costumes !

#5 – Sexy Pirate Costume

Pirates are always very popular, and pirate girls are always sexy ! This is a 7 piece costume made of embroidered satin and stretch lace. It includes tie-front jacket, overskirt, ruffle underskirt, ruffle lace top, hat, eye patch (even if not on the pircture) and the sword. Check it at Pierre Silber.

#4 – Pretty Pimp Costume

Sometimes you can’t avoid being a gangster. This costume includes the hat, the front zipper robe with laceup details and shorts. Available at Costume Discounters, Costume Craze.

#3 – Love Sick Nurse Costume

Love Sick Nurse Costume

This nurse costume includes a halter peasant top, the garter skirt, the arm band, the headpiece, and the stethoscope ! Everyone needs a nurse. Available at Wicked Temptations.

#2 – Gothic Fairy Costume

Gothic Fairy Costume

She looks perfect. A sweet 2 piece velvet laceup dress. This VERY sexy costume is available at Pierre Silber.

Sexiest Costume

Sexiest Costume

Mystical WitchSexy Egyptian Queen

Mystical Witch Sexy Cleopatra Costume

A witch costume, is there another better costume for Halloween ? What are your tricks, mystical woman ? This is a 4 piece costume including bustier, garter skirt, shrug, and witch hat. The moon and star applique you see as a belt is also included. You can have this one from Wicked Temptations.

Cleopatra, a Princess, a Queen. This is a 4 piece costume that includes jewel trimmed top, skirt, arm piece and headband. You can find it at Pierre Silber Costume Discounters and Buy Costumes too.

Yes, there are two #1. It was very hard to choose and I couldn’t tell which should be ranked higher than the other one. Also, I’m sure two are better than one and it gives you a greater choice (okay, a harder too).

Well, men, and ladies if you want to joke too, I know some of you will wants this, no matter what you want to do with it…

Borat Lycra Mankini Costume

The Borat Lycra Mankini costume is available at Buy Costumes. No sorry, it doesn’t enter our Top 5 Sexiest Costumes.


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