That’s the final round, I have some top 6 teen girls costumes on sale to show you. I hope you will enjoy the discounted price. Don’t delay though to get your own. You still have some time but Halloween’s bell will ring very soon.

So here we go, for girls who want to lok great at a low budget, check these teens costumes on sale:

Who want to be a Pirate Pixie Teen Costume for $19.99? Pirates are always popular on Halloween, and mix it up with a pixie and you got this very original costume. How cool is this?
Pirate Pixie Teen Costume
Okay and what about this Pop Saloon Star Teen Costume below? Again that one is below $20. It was once near $70… That’s an awesome deal if you ask me!
Pop Saloon Star Teen Costume

Kiss of Darkness Teen Costume – Oh yeah, that’s Halloween for sure. A really nice dark teen costume for girls at just $24.99. I think she bites.
Kiss of Darkness Teen Costume

Sweetheart Alice Teen Costume – Alice is always extremely popular, now you can be this sweetheart for $34.99. It’s not the cheapest but the quality is great and you’re still saving $20.
Sweetheart Alice Teen Costume

Red Hot Witch Teen Costume – There are always witches on Halloween right ? Don’t be dark, stand out with some really visible outfit. You’re going to be red hot for only $12.99! Wow!
Red Hot Witch Teen Costume

Enchanted Princess Teen Costume – This one was about $70 and now $45.99. It’s an excellent quality costume that you may want to wear for Halloween. It’s not designed in the spooky horror Halloween theme but this is what will make you different from all other monters.
Enchanted Princess Teen Costume

Now wasn’t this cool? Go fast now if you want your costume before Halloween, you can still have it, even tomorrow if you want. I think I’m done for today, I may give you some other ideas very soon. If I don’t see here again, Happy Halloween;)


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