This is just a quick article to help you make your choice of online store. I usually research where a costume is available and if it’s on several stores, I will mention them, not only one.

The picture will always refer to the cheaper merchant for this costume, so if a costume interests you just click the picture. But of course, for availability and time reeasons I also put the other merchants having it in stock. A costume can also be cheaper at an online store and then be in sale at another place, so it’s better for you to check.

Also the cheaper merchant may have a costume in stock at the time I’m writing for this costume, but at the time you will find the article it won’t be available. Then you have the choice to still purchase it from another store.

So here it is, if you see an article just published, click the picture and you’ll find generally the cheaper price. If it’s been days, weeks or month, you’d better check for availability in more than one store.

Thanks for reading.


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