is not a costumes seller, so why would you look for costumes here ? Well an easy answer : the price. Yes, almost all sellers have Pirates of the Caribbean costumes but why some are selling it at double the price of another store ? It’s a mystery, or just because they are doing sale at a different moment.

Standard, Quality, Deluxe, Prestige, Supreme, Collector or Ultimate : these are all the various quality or design of a costume, from cheap to really expensive. Cool Costumes is a place where the costumes you can find costumes at the best prices, without having to browse all the web.

Few examples ? Sure…

Darth Vader Supreme Costume

It can be found at Costume Party Shop or at Moon Costumes. A small difference of about $400.

Of course this one is a supreme costume, but look at this Jack Sparrow costume

 It is available at Celebrate Express and Moon Costumes. This time Moon Costumes is more expensive, the price is more than the double.

Okay so I hope Cool Costumes will help you to make the right choice. Note that the prices may change from the time these words are written and next days, but I try to make it as accurate as possible.

Have you already bought a costume online ? Halloween is coming soon so be sure to have one before it’s too late.



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